Airline Media Bags Pricing

The below airlines offer discounted pricing for media bags. 

Each passenger is permitted to bring a total of two carry-on items on board the train; each item should not exceed 50 lbs. (23 kg) and 28 x 22 x 14 inches.

U.S. media company travelers are given a special extra baggage rate when travelling with a number of baggage items over the free checked baggage allowance on Air France marketing and operating flights on select routings.

This policy is an aligned JV policy with AF/KL/DL/AZ.

Download the full policy here.

Alaska Air Media Baggage Rate
This is only provided to credential media personnel only. A valid media credential is required to receive the rate and they only need to show it when checking 3 or more bags to receive the $50 rate versus the $75 rate. All weight and size restrictions apply (50lbs- 62 total linear inches), excess weight /size charges can be found on the Alaska Air website.  Visit Alaska's page on Baggage Information here.

Baggage rates are as follows:

1st Bag

$25 Standard Fee

2nd Bag

$25 Standard Fee

3rd Bag or more each:

@50 Media Rate Fee

Batteries Restrictions
Visit Alaska Air's page on Flying with Batteries here.

American, along with our Atlantic Joint Business partners British Airways, Finnair, and Iberia, are introducing newly aligned/special media baggage rates for eligible travelers.

Benefits and features of these rates include:

  • Special media baggage rate
    • $50 per bag on domestic itineraries one-way.
    • $70/£50/€70 per bag on international itineraries one-way. Valid on all international itineraries for American Airlines.
  • Fees for overweight bags and oversized baggage will be waived
    • Cannot exceed 100lbs/45kg or 320cm in total dimensions (max length of 190cm). Max 32kg on British Airways fights operating to/from Johannesburg (JNB).
  • Each eligible media entity can check up to 25 bags at above rates per flight
    • Media entity is defined as corporate account, production movement, media event
    • 25 bag limit subject to operational limitations and policies of regional carrier partners

Customers are eligible for these special rates on travel and bookings made and travel from April 22, 2015.

Customers are encouraged to purchase their outbound and return trip in advance at the first point of departure where possible, and should retain and present their receipt as proof of purchase for return check-in for a seamless travel experience. Select return legs on British Airways cannot be booked in advance and should be booked and paid for at the ticket desk on departure of the return journey.

Payment options to obtain the special media baggage rates:


Airport check-in counter and curb side check-in where available

British Airways

Airport ticket counter or online payment* at which is also available on a mobile device.

We encourage your customers to pay online which can be done in advance any time up to check in.

If paying at airport, payment must be made to the airport ticket desk only, as the standard check-in counter cannot accept payment for media bag rates.

Some smaller stations are not currently equipped to accept payment at the reduced media rate.

*Online or mobile prepayment for BA-only itineraries


Airport ticket counter


Airport ticket counter

  • Media baggage payment is not available on kiosks at this time
  • Preferred media baggage rates are only available when booked and traveling on the operating carrier's code

Download the full policy here.

Camera, film, video tape, lighting and sound equipment that is tendered by representatives of network or local television broadcasting companies or commercial film-making companies will be accepted as baggage at the fees noted below. Valid photo ID with company insignia is required.

Restrictions on Fragile Items


1st and 2nd Bag

Additional Bags


Same as regular baggage allowance if no more than 50 lbs. (23 kg)/62 inches. If overweight / oversize, flat media rate of 50 USD/CAD applies.

3rd-25th bags 50 USD/CAD each if no more than 100 lbs. (45 kg) and 115 total linear inches.


Same as regular baggage allowance if under 50 lbs. (23kg)/62 inches. If overweight / oversize flat media rate of 70 USD/CAD or 60 EUR applies.

3rd-25th checked bags 70 USD/CAD or 60 EUR each if under 100 lbs. (45 kg) and 115 total linear inches

(Exception for travel to/from/through Europe, South Africa, or United Arab Emirates: maximum weight is 70 lbs. [30 kg])

CAD amount will be charged exit Canada, and EUR amount will be charged exit Europe.

All baggage charges are each-way. Maximum number of bags on Delta aircraft is 25. Maximum number of bags on Delta connection carriers is four. Total linear inches equals length plus width plus height per bag.

JetBlue Media Baggage

Camera, film, video production, lighting and sound equipment that is traveling with a customer representing a local or national television network, broadcasting or commercial filmmaking company may be accepted on a space-available basis. Qualified members of the media traveling with excess bags may be considered for a media bag rate if coordinated in advance on JetBlue-operated flights.

Requirements for media bags

In order to be considered for a media bag rate, valid photo ID with company insignia must be submitted to JetBlue along with the Media Bag Submission Request at least 3 working days prior to travel.  

Regardless of the fare option purchased, media bag customers who check bags will pay $50 per bag starting with the first checked bag up to 99 pounds, including oversized. This is calculated on a one-way basis.  

After your flight is booked, for verification purposes, the Media Bag Submission Request form must be accompanied by a scanned image of the customer’s company ID/media credentials and emailed 72 hours prior to departure for consideration. This form must be completed and submitted prior to every booking and approval will be granted on a case-by-case basis.  If approved, remarks will be placed in the customer’s reservation alerting the airport of the special rate. Customers will need to check in at a full-service counter for payment and checking of bags. Please note: The media bag rate cannot be applied retroactively post-travel—it must be applied for and approved in advance. We reserve the right to revoke this offer at any time.   

Due to weight restrictions, we can accept the following on each aircraft: 

  • E190 (100-seat version) - 10 bags maximum
  • A320 (150-seat version) - 20 bags maximum
  • A320 (162-seat version) - 10 bags maximum
  • A321 (200-seat version) - 25 bags maximum
  • A321 (Mint version) - no restriction

Excess bags will be carried on a space-available basis. If the bags cannot be carried on the same flight with the customer, they will be transported on the next available JetBlue-operated flight. The final decision on our ability to carry excess bags will be made by the flight crew on the day of travel. Media bag rates are not offered for interline or codeshare flights operated by other carriers. 

Download Media Bag Request Form, which is required with credentials to qualify for the rate. 

Cameras and Film

  • The screening equipment that inspects your checked luggage may damage undeveloped film in camera equipment. We recommend that you put undeveloped film and cameras containing undeveloped film in your carryon baggage. The screening equipment will not damage camera images.
  • Camcorders are allowed in or as carryon baggage. If carried separately from the one allowable carryon baggage, the camcorder will be counted as your one personal item.
  • Media cameras are exempt from the sizing box restriction imposed on other carryon luggage, and, if carried onboard, must be stowed in accordance with FAA safety regulations. If the camera is to be secured in a seat, however, a ticket must be purchased for that seat.
  • Camera, film, video, lighting, and sound equipment will be accepted when presented by a representative of a network or local television broadcasting company or a commercial filmmaking company. A fee of $75 will be charged for each item in excess of the free baggage allowance. Media equipment will not be assessed oversized or overweight charges.

United Media Bags
Learn more about our discounted media bag program that gets your valued equipment exactly where it needs to be.

United is pleased to offer representative from network television, broadcasting and commercial filmmaking companies a flat service charge to check camera, film, lighting and sound equipment.

Production, crew and talents' gear and equipment can travel to over 365 destinations at a discounted rate; our baggage charges apply for worlldwide travel on flights marketed and operated by United. 

Read the full policy here.

If you'd like to bring extra luggage over and above your free baggage allowance, you can pay to check in up to 10 extra bags per person (weighing p to 23kg each).

The best way to increase your allowance is before you fly-- you can buy your additional baggage allowance online and avoid higher charges at the airport. Just head over to Online Check In if you'd like to buy additional baggage. Please remembr that Online Check In opens 24 hours before your flight.

Excess baggage charges are as follows:

Quantity Online Check In At the airport
1st extra bag GBP 60/USD 90 GBP 65/USD 100
2nd extra and subsequent bags GBP 120/USD 170 GBP 140/USD 200
Overweight bags (23-32kg) Not available GBP 65/USD 100
Oversized bags Not available GBP 40/USD 60

For passengers departing India, an additional 4.994% tax will be payable on excess baggage charges.